2 in 1 4D Hifu Ultrasonic Skin Lifting Machine

2 in 1 4D Hifu Ultrasonic Skin Lifting Machine

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2 years

HIFU cartridges shots

21,000 shots each*2/5/8


HIFU, Liposonix




2 IN 1 4D HIFU with liposonix machine

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Machine with4pcs cartridges mean machine come with 2pcs 4D cartridges and 2pcs Liposonix Cartridge !

Machine with 7pcs cartridges mean machine come with 5pcs 4D cartridges and 2pcs Liposonix Cartridge!

Machine with 10pcs cartridges mean machine come with 8pcs 4D cartridges and 2pcs Liposonix Cartridge!

Advantages of HIFU Liposonix Machine:

① Equipped with 2/5/8 pieces of 4D HIFU cartridges, each cartridges with 21,000 shots precisely acting on different depths of the skin.

② One shot output 12 lines form a big square matrix of focused energy, 11 lines are currently on the market, which can save more treatment time.

③ Fast operation, full face and neck treatment only takes 30-40minutes.

④ Instant result will be checked from one time good result will last 1-2 years.

⑤ Non-invasive painless safe and no side effects.


Treatment scope of HIFU+ Liposonix Machine:

① Remove wrinkles on around forehead, eyes, mouth, etc.

② Lift and tighten both cheeks’skin.

③ Improve skin elasticity and shaping contour.

④ Fat reduction, body slimming, body shaping.

⑤ Tighten the skin tissue on the forehead, lifting the eyebrows lines.

⑥ Improve skin complexion, making the skin delicate and bright.

⑦ Use with the cooling gel, increase collagen, to resolve the more aging problem.

⑧ Remove neck wrinkles, protecting neck aging.

⑨ To promote and accelerate the body’s metabolism.


8 pcs of 9D HIFU Cartridge: 1.5mm 3.0mm 4.5mm 6mm 8mm 10mm 13mm 16mm for different face & body part treatment.
2 pcs of Liposonix Cartridge :  0.8cm 1.3cm cartridges effective for body fat removal


High Intensity Focused Ultrasound HIFU Application:

① skin tightening & skin rejuvenation

② face lifting

③ eyebrow removal

④ wrinkle removal

⑤ double chin reduction

⑥ whole body contouring & slimming2 in 1 4D Hifu Ultrasonic Skin Lifting Machine-6


HIFU Skin Tightening Principle:
High intensity focused uitrasound (HIFU) directly delivers heat energy to sking and subcutaneous tissue that can stimulate and renew the skin’ scollagen and thus consequently improving the texture and reducing sagging of the skin, it literally achieves the results of a face lift or a body lifts without any invasive surgery or injections moreover, an added bonus of this procedure is that there is no downtime. This technique can be applied to the face as well as the whole body, and also it works eqally well for people of all skin colours in contrast to that of lasers and intense pulse lights.

HIFU fat Removal Principle:
Apply high intensity focused ultrasound, generate focused energy and go deeoer into the cellulite to break cellulite. It is an invasive, impressive and long-last effective  treatment to reduce fat especially for abdomen and thigh. High intensity focused ultrasound target at fat of 13mm (depth of penetration ) heating up the fat tissue, combine with high energy and good penetration to resolve the fat during the treatment the triglyceride and fatty acid excrete by the process of metabolism, and the vessel and nurve will, not be damaged.

New 4D HIFU face lifting LIPOSONIX body slimming machine for wrinkles removal skin tighten Anti-wrinkle Machine

Liposonix  handle with 2 cartridges, each cartridges with 525 shots.

0.8cm Liposonix cartridge: reach to 14mm fat depth

1.3cm Liposonix cartridge: reach to 23mm fat depth

2 in 1 4D Hifu Ultrasonic Skin Lifting Machine

Liposonix Body Slimming Principle:

Lipohifu challenges all other non-invasive fat removal systems. This procedure can be performed quickly with no cuts, minimal discomfort (nerves are unaffected), no anesthetic and no downtime. Sound waves are delivered at high intensity and frequency essentially blasting and killing carefully targeted fat cells whilst surrounding tissues, skin surface and underlying organs are left untouched.

Befor & after of HIFU Liposonix Skin Care Body Slimming Machine:

Why Choose 4D HIFU?

① One shot do 1-12 lines adjustable

② Superficial, deep dermis and SMAS (Superficial muscular aponeurotic system )

③ SMAS contraction: collagen remodeling elastine fiber contraction

④ Make energy points be more uniform and better curative effect

⑤ More accurate operation area, male and female

⑥ Professional mobe can save six sets parameter

New 4D HIFU face lifting LIPOSONIX body slimming machine for wrinkles removal skin tighten Anti-wrinkle MachineNew 4D HIFU face lifting LIPOSONIX body slimming machine for wrinkles removal skin tighten Anti-wrinkle Machine



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